List of Works

Original Works, 1995-2017

Solo and chamber works: Aeolus for solo flute (1995); Fanfare for Trumpet (1996); Three Pieces for Keyboard Percussion (1996); Piano Preludes (1996-2016); Idiosyncrasies (1996); Five Miniatures for Saxophone and Piano (2000); Essay for Soprano Saxophone (2000); Parable for Flute (2001); Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (2002); Winter of Discontent (2016); Variations on a Theme by Frescobaldi (2016); Journey to.. (2016); All The Comes Our Way (2017); French Horn Quartet (2017); Night Bloom (2017)

Electronic works: Metamorphosis for Disklavier (1996); Prelude in Eb Major, Disklavier (1996); Moods, tape (1996)

Symphony Orchestra: Symphonic Overture (1998)

Music for dance: One for String Quartet and Dance Duet (2017)